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Carpets need good cleaning and frequent maintenance in order to remain intact from the impact of time and never inflict any problems on your health. Carpet Cleaning Glendale is an experienced and well-equipped contractor, which provides effective work and takes care of stains, problems and bad odors with the most efficient products. We have built a very strong foundation with strong machinery suitable for the proper cleaning as well as water and fire damage restoration. We work with experienced, knowledgeable cleaners for excellent same-day services and ensure perfect results.

Rug Cleaning for Long Lasting Carpets

Carpet cleaning services have a dual purpose. They aim at keeping carpets clean in order to shield your health from hazardous microorganisms and dirt and prolong their life. These are the most important reasons why our company insists on the good training of cleaners and keeping good quality machinery. Rug cleaning is demanding since it requires great knowledge of the needs of piles and all our cleaners are experienced with handmade oriental rugs and know which products to use and which procedures to follow in order to clean them properly and still maintain them in exceptional condition for years. We have the equipment to revive faded colors and remove stains and odors effectively while the machinery we keep in our facilities ensure full water extraction and restoration from any damage.

We specialize in mold removal and thanks to our persistence, equipment and experience we manage to inspect carpets exhaustively and remove even black mold completely. Our services include excellent cleaning of couches, upholstery and tiles and have special detergents for the good cleaning of grout. We follow the best procedures and thanks to our infrastructure we can serve the needs of residences, office or big industries and corporations. The technical and cleaning crews of Carpet Cleaning Glendale are very thorough and this way you can be sure that your rugs will last for generations and your environment will be clean and totally healthy. You can now check out all our services in our website!

Contact us via email or over the phone to obtain a quote on our carpet cleaning services. We use special techniques, modern technology and eco friendly cleaning products to deliver the best results. Just describe your carpets in some detail and we will take care of the rest.

Stay up to date with out service offerings and special deals. we offer rug, tile and upholstery cleaning too. You will get the best results at the best price. Call us for a precise estimate.

Make an inquiry about our mold removal and water removal services. They are comprehensive, effective and affordable. Our specialists in California are the best in the industry. Call us instantly in case of an emergency!

Safety is important when you are recovering from a flood. Our flood clean up and dehumidifying services are always preformed with the highest safety standards in mind. We will not allow negligence to cause mold to grow in your home or business. We use preventative measures to make sure that no harm is done to your carpets or to you. Our clients have praised our staff for knowing how to make our water removal system safe around young children or pets. We will not let safety fall in the name of affordability. Contact us today to get the safest water removal ever.


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