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You probably arrived here because you were looking for the right answers to your carpet cleaning questions. Congratulations, you have visited the right Frequently Asked Questions page. This page is written by the specialists, available to all. Just scroll down to see these interesting solutions to common carpet cleaning issues!

Is there a DIY approach good for cleaning carpets?

While a do-it-yourself approach can be a very educational experience, especially when it comes to cleaning carpets, Carpet Cleaning Glendale technicians still stress that professional cleaning is still highly-recommended for any type of carpet. But if you wish to do this yourself, remember the following guidelines. First, follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully, and do not use too much detergent because this could re-soil the carpet. Also keep in mind that professional carpet cleaning is needed at least every twenty-four months, to maintain your carpet's warranty.

What is "dry cleaning"? Should I use it for my carpet?

Dry Cleaning is a cleaning procedure that does not use any extraction from a large amount of water. These procedures are not actually "dry" as they use a liquid-based solution. However, the time it takes for it to dry up is shorter than conventional steam cleaning. Bonnet cleaning is one of the common procedures of dry cleaning which involves revolving a bonnet or pad to draw dirt. It is recommended by carpet makers for delicate fabrics such as wool.

Is it ideal to pre-treat stains?

Yes. In fact, our professionals highly recommend treating stains immediately after they happen to keep them from being absorbed right through to the backing of a carpet, which will make cleaning doubly hard. Different stains require different approaches, most of which are easy to handle. Professionals know the various stains and their corresponding solution.

Is carpet water damage easily fixed?

Water extraction is not always easy. You must fix the leak and place a clean, white cloth or paper towel on the damp carpet area. The problem will be worse if the area is soaked and water has already been absorbed by fibers and penetrated the pad underneath as well. In this case, you might have trouble since it's possible to get mold on the carpet.

Which types of carpets are the easiest to maintain?

The high density loop carpet and the level loop carpet do not get dirty as quickly as their counterparts. The make is also important. Nylon fibers are not as fluffy as cotton ones, for instance. As a result, they pick up less dirt and dry much faster. Given this, nylon carpets are much easier to maintain in addition to being more durable.

I’ve just spilt wine on the carpet. What should I do?

Place several sheets of white kitchen paper towel onto the stain. Then tap gently on the stain. You can press the sheets just a little bit so that they absorb the liquid. The most important thing is to avoid scrubbing the carpet as this will only spread the wine both downwards into the pile and to the sides.


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