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How To Avoid Health Problems From Carpets

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How To Avoid Health Problems From Carpets

How To Avoid Health Problems From Carpets | Glendale Carpet Cleaning

Most American homes today are covered with wall to wall carpets or area rugs because they look nice and warm up the houses. They are actually very convenient, especially to people who like to walk barefoot around the house, but they may hide some traps, if they are not properly cleaned. You must keep in mind that carpets absorb all the dirt you bring with your shoes or the dust that comes from open windows and doors. They also absorb odors from the kitchen or pets as well as food. All these dirt has as a result the accumulation of thousands of invisible microorganisms, which are very harmful to your health. Hence, you need professional carpet cleaning service in order to rest assured that your home is completely clean.

The Invisible Enemies of our Carpets and Health

People love walking on thick carpets with bare feet, but they forget that a few minutes ago someone else was walking on these same spots with his dirty shoes. They forget that pets leave their hair or come inside with dirty feet. They forget that the children have made too many stains with ice-cream and chocolates that were cleaned superficially. How can they be sure that walking barefoot won’t have harmful effects on their health?

  • Prefer buying carpets from natural material, such as wool or hemp. Synthetic fibers contain chemicals, which if mixed with dirt can cause hazardous health problems.
  • Many rugs have the Green Label Plus Certification as a sign that are free from 13 toxic chemical substances.
  • Don’t rely on vacuum cleaning; hire a professional rug cleaning company in Glendale for stain removal or even pet stain & odor removal services.

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